About Me

Hey There!

My name is Marin and I’m a Software Engineer with emphasis on Javascript technologies.

I graduated from the University Politehnica of Bucharest in 2014 with a Bachelor degree in Information Systems with an emphasis on Software Application Development.

I’ve written code for Indaco, JLG Consulting, Code 11, LawnStarterArnia (Romania), European Commission, Rhea Group, AXA Insurance (Belgium) and Docler Holding (Luxembourg). It is worth mentioning that for most of these companies I’ve worked as self-employed, which I very much enjoy. Also, I’ve been the co-founder of a technology start-up in Romania which failed gracefully.

I build applications using Javascript with Node for the back-end and Angular or React and more on the front-end to build enjoyable user experience for the user. I’m a strong advocate of self organising teams and a T-shaped skills model within the team and I believe that collaboration and confidence is the key for a high velocity team.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge with other people and guide junior developers through their journey in becoming a highly skilled software developer.

When I am not building things for the web, I enjoy spending time reading, watching movies and cooking. I also try to do at least 30 minutes of high intensity cardio workout in order to compensate for all the hours I spend sitting.

I hope you enjoy my writings!